Top 3 Things that Motivate Customers More than Price

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why people buy

 Every day there’s a systematic rhythm, a dynamic flow if you will between those that buy and those that sell. There are so many lessons one can learn when taking the time to observe the dynamics of the process.

And if you want to successfully run your business you most certainly should take the opportunity to observe, because selling is the life blood of every business.

Let’s face it if you don’t do it you will without a doubt end up in that “why small businesses fail” category in a heart beat. 

If your desire is to motivate your customers to accept what you have to offer at a faster rate so you can continue to thrive and grow your business like you should, here are three major points to always consider when it come to why people buy (and its not all the about price).


1. Presentation 
You may not agree with it all the time, but it is true that quite often as the saying goes “perception equals reality.” How we look, what we say, and what we do all reflect our style and ultimately our brand. If you want to build brand equity that is earned overtime, you must be sure to be relevant. There will always be a correlation between your presentation and the sales you make. Let’s face it people like people who either look like them or who they want to be like, which means in order to reach a certain level of buyer you’ll 

have to have a certain level of style.

On the web I see tons of websites daily and the 1st way I can easily tell if a business is making money or not is by their online presentation. Granted there are some ugly sites out there that I know are pulling in alarming figures each month, but they are the exception to the rule. You should never just throw something together just to show you have a presence online. No you should invest in a quality website for your business right from the start. Otherwise you are either closing or narrowing your window of opportunity to reach millions of online consumers that are just waiting on your product or services, because first impression can sometimes be last impressions and because the internet is so accessible today most people are going to try to find you online first to do their homework.

And while your presentation should rock, having the look is not enough these days, you also have to know how to flaunt it. Flaunting is not necessarily a negative act if you use tact. Flaunting in business is simply about promoting what you’re proud of, because no one will ever know who you are otherwise. Every business has a voice and using it is not an option. So this year take greater effort in branding yourself as the go-to expert in your industry and telling everyone who’s listening how you have the solution they desperately need right now.

2. Professionalism
If you want your customers to be more confident in your business professionalism is critical. Here’s a story I’d like to share that you probably can relate to and one that demonstrates the necessity of professionalism today.

Some friends of mine recently discovered a new lunch spot in the heart of Ypsilanti here in Michigan that has some really tasty food, but they were telling me how the service was shot! You know its sad when after you leave a business for the first time you start to wonder how long the business will survive? Despite the bad review, I still decided to check it out for myself and low and behold I too had a similar experience and I’m not too eager to return.

Dealing with customers, vendors or even business partners in a way that leaves a positive impression translates to maintaining a professional reputation. When you treat people professionally they will freely recommend you and your company to more people and this will in turn drive revenue to your business.

We all know that the best marketing you can get is word-of-mouth referrals, and if you treat your customers right, you will certainly keep them coming back for more. It’s a lot cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one, so determine how you’re going to stay professional and what you need to do to make your customers happy.

3. Performance
One of my favorite bloggers Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income recently created a simple yet powerful video (at least for me) about “Are you giving instant results?” It really took me back to understanding how important it is to deliver immediate value. Most people think about performance as an after effect and think it just happens overtime, but truth is your prospects may not be as forward thinking as you about the performance of your product or service. Most often they are looking for instant results, which can lead to lasting value. Helping your market to recognize the results you can bring quickly will get them excited to do business with you on the spot. Think about it, today there’s instant everything just about, instant jello, instant oil changes, instant tax preparation, Google instant, so there you have it, its proven that delivering instant results will give you a slight edge in your industry. I’m sure there’s one or two things you could be doing right now to showcase your results instantly.

While there are many reasons for why customers are motivated to buy from you, these are the most compelling reasons. If you haven’t started to monitor and tweak these areas of your business yet, you definitely should – we know of some very cost effective, easy ways for you to impress & interact with your existing customer base, gain new customers and establish your expertise even more if you’re ready to go to the next level.

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